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The Legacy of Deandria “Dee” Wood

Deandria Wood, aka Dee, was born in Southside Chicago, IL in 1971. Dee was a single mother who gave birth to two sons by the age of 21. Dealing with the pressures of her environment, she battled with depression and drug abuse. Determined to create a better life for her boys she moved Houston, TX where she joined the Free at Last Fellowship, NA group. In her years to come, she would sustain over 15 years of sobriety and serve as a sponsor for dozens of women who dealt with the same realities she had.

She was known for her loving heart, ear to listen and willingness to help any person who sought recovery. In 2008 she started a company, Southern Medic Durable Equipment, where she serviced elderly citizens with incontinent supplies in the Greater Houston area. In 2010 she suffered an untimely death by suicide at the age 38. Her memory is survived by her two sons and the mission of this foundation.

Our Mission

To enhance awareness of suicide prevention and advocating for mental health awareness.

The Foundation

The D. Wood Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to enhance awareness for suicide prevention and advocate the importance of mental health. We believe isolation and depression are key factors leading to suicide and signs of mental health issues. Our organization is inspired by the late mother of founder Fabian Wood. On July 29, 2010, at the age of 19, he lost her to death by suicide. Two weeks later he moved to Austin, TX where he met Chad Williams, Jr. and Keyonn Ajala. The three formed the D. Wood Foundation in efforts to continue the legacy of Deandria Wood and her heart to help.


The You’re.Not.Alone (Y.N.A) Fellowship hosts various programs geared to Remotivate, Reconnect and Reengage those battling with depression and isolation and educate how to sustain mental health. The Y.N.A Fellowship is a recognized organization at  Huston-Tillotson University. Programs are held on the campus and open to all that may be in need of mental aid. Suicide has no race nor color. The effect it has on those left behind can take a lifetime to recover from, however, suicide is preventable. The power of a conversation is one thing we all have. The time it takes to engage with someone new or a distant loved one is the time it can take to save a life.

Discover What We Offer

We Advocate for Mental Health reform in minority communities by facilitating unique and customized workshops. Our programs offer peer-to-peer support and create a platform for local resources to bridge with those in need.

01. Suicide Prevention Training

Specialized Suicide prevents training for staff, administration, faculty, and parents.

02. Y.N.A Fellowship

Our mission is to create a culture of support among students by building a consistent flow of Mental Health Awareness through campus programs aimed to educate, motivate, and engage.

03. Community Outreach

Our goal is to establish Mental Health Reform in minority communities.

Donate to a Cause that Affects Us All

Each Day of Life, Is Another Day of Opportunity

You’re Not Alone

We believe that isolation is one of the leading causes of depression. We combat both by creating culture support.

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The Team

Fabian Wood, Sr.

Clairessa McCalla

Anthony Carroll

Malachi Peterson